Harnessing Mind Power

How to Create Positive Mental Samskaras

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Thoughts are the energy of the mind, constantly rising and falling. At times we can merge with our thoughts and this can lead to suffering. We don't have to identify with or be defined by our negative thoughts. Instead we can harness the power of the mind to interrupt negative thoughts and cultivate positive energy through Mantra practice.

Being aware of and witnessing negative thoughts is the crucial first step. Then drawing from the wonderful work of Byron Katie, I ask an important question about the thought. "Is it true? Can you be ABSOLUTELY sure the thought is true?" I have done this many times and the answer is always 'No, I cannot be ABSOLUTELY sure the thought is true,' which opens up the possibility for something else to exist beyond the thought. In the space that opens up between between the thought and the self, I can practice a mantra. Giving the mind the opportunity to create a positive samskara (sanskrit work meaning 'impression' or 'action').

Here are three of my favorite mantras right now. 

No feeling is final - draws from the yoga concept of impermanence, the universal truth that everything is always shifting and changing. When we hold an uncomfortable feeling, that particular moment can feel pervasive and overwhelming. This mantra reminds us that feels are  impermanent. 

I am already more than enough - Yes! We are all already more than enough. We are divine pure conscious awareness. This is how we were born but sometimes or often we forget our truth. 

Nothing is personal - Every aspect of the human experience is completely impersonal. Thorough our own neurosis and attachment to our thoughts, feelings and experiences we overpersonalize. We remember that nothing is personal, a weight is lifted and are expansive again.