My 3 Favorite Podcasts for Clinicians

Inspiration for the Embodied Therapist


I love listening to Podcasts! We have access to so much great knowledge and wisdom through Podcasts. I wanted to share a few of my absolute favorites for Clinicians passionate about understanding and integrating the body in their work.

My first two favorite episodes are from the Sounds True: Insights at the Edge podcast

1. The Roots of Healing by Gabor Mate [March, 21, 2017]

Throughout this entire podcasted I felt like Gabor Mate had reached into my brain to carefully extract and articulate all of the things I believe and understand about the mind-body relationship. He describes the connection between emotional body and immune system response as well as how the body is trying to communicate with us. This is by far one of my favorite podcast episodes of all time!

2. Linda Graham: Cultivating Response Flexibility: Neuroscience in Psychotherapy [Jun 14, 2017]

In this episode Linda Graham talks about the role of therapeutic yoga and neuroscience in healing. She describes how practices such as being presentsetting intention, using mudras and dedicating ourselves to regular yoga therapy practice activates the neuroplasticity of the brain and promotes healing. Understanding the role of neuroscience in healing and the amazingly simple ways an embodied practice can positively influence our brain and nervous system is a critical part of my work. I enjoyed this episode as it speaks to the fundamental principles shared in the Soul Yoga Therapy training programs.

3. This next episode is from the Rich Roll Podcast, called Tommy Rosen On Life Beyond Addiction [July 17, 2017]

Tommy Rosen shares beautifully about his personal journey through addiction, including how yoga played an important role in his healing. Tommy Rosen is a leader and expert in the recovery field and is breaking new ground in field of yoga therapy and addiction recovery. 

As a special mention, I regularly enjoy Tara Brach's podcasts, they are a lovely blend of dharma talk and guided practice. 

I hope you enjoy!