The Present Moment May Heal Me

The Practice of Attention


My yoga practice has changed a lot over the years. Now I challenge my flexibility in a more subtle yet powerful way by examining my daily habits and patterns as I work to show-up more fully for each unfolding moment.

It's difficult to practice simply being and connecting to the present moment in a culture where self worth is often mistakenly tied to doing more, having more and how much we have accomplished.  Despite being aware of this I still fall into that trap of the hustle. Life constantly pulls my attention in many directions at the same time. When I allow my focus to be divided I think I am gaining but then I step back I recognize that the quality of my experience has been is diminished.

So I am taking on the small yet challenging practice of being fully present with just one thing at a time and noticing with great compassion when my attention diverges. When I notice that my attention is split I gently return my awareness back to the original task. Taking time to reflect on the challenges and benefits of this practice at the end of each day. It's challenging and an on-going practice but when I am doing just one thing fully, I am more fulfilled, present and calm. 

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