About Kate

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Kate Graham, LMHC, C-IAYT

Founder of Soulful Yoga Therapy 

I passionately believe in a full body approach to health and wellness. The "top down" nature of psychotherapy and the "bottom up" nature of yoga therapy, somatic experiencing and reiki are a powerful combination for healing. Through embodied healing modalities and psychotherapy we can honor the integrated nature of the physical body, emotional body, mind body and spiritual body to gain a deeper awareness and understanding of the whole self.  When working with individuals who experience anxiety, depression and trauma I blend both somatic and cognitive approaches to orchestrate powerful shift and change. 

At the Brookline Trauma Center, I assisted in research studies on yoga and post traumatic stress disorder and was privileged to lead the women's trauma sensitive yoga group - a program initiated by Dr. Bessel van der Kolk and David Emerson. As a clinician at Wayside Youth and Family I provided psychotherapy to adolescents in day treatment, residential and acute care. I have also had the pleasure of guest lecturing on yoga therapy and mental health at a variety of universities throughout New England and regularly present at the Annual Suicide Prevention Conference. 

Currently, I offer a blend of psychotherapy and embodied therapies to adults, adolescents and couples at my private practice in Cambridge and Salem. I also facilitate on-line and in person training programs and workshops on yoga therapy for emotional health and healing around New England.