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Soulful Yoga Therapy & Counseling
Empowering individuals to find emotional freedom and self love through yoga

Soulful Yoga Therapy specializes in yoga as therapy and psychotherapy for managing depression, anxiety and trauma, using asana, pranayama, mantra, and meditation techniques to empower individuals with a deeper awareness and understanding of the mind, physical and emotional body. 

Soulful Yoga Therapy offers:

  • Private sessions, classes, workshops and retreats offering yoga techniques and practices to promote healing, regulate mood and find a greater sense of emotional well-being. 
  • In-service professional training programs for health organizations focusing on understanding the mind-body relationship, learning evidence-based yoga techniques to manage mood and strategies for integrating these techniques into a professional setting to empower clients in managing their mood. 
  • Professional development training modules and mentorship programs for yoga teachers to learn evidence based yoga therapy techniques specifically for emotional healing and wellness.

Soulful Yoga Therapy ® Boston, MA

Yoga for Emotional Health 
Training  & Professional Development
100 hour program begins Sept 2016
YogaWorks Boston
for clinicians & yoga teachers

Chair Yoga for Anxiety, Depression and Trauma
Bring the power of yoga to your clinical practice 
9am-5pm on April 16th, 2016
The International Institute of Practical Spirit​
Cambridge, MA

​Yoga for Emotional Health & Healing: 
Yoga for Trauma 
11am-4pm on April 23rd, 2016
Greener Postures Yoga, ME

Nourish Your Goodness: 
A Fall Women's Retreat 
Kate Graham & Wendy Cook
September 23rd - 25th, 2016
Sky Meadows in Vermont
Trainings & Workshops
Kate Graham's Q&A with Boston Magazine about Therapeutic Yoga

Kate Graham, a longtime yogi and a health clinician, started teaching therapy yoga five years ago. Now, through her company Soulful Yoga Therapy, she is one of the most prominent practitioners in the Boston area. She teaches individual sessions, classes at therapy centers, and even therapy yoga teacher training classes all over the city.

We sat down with the mental health guru to learn about what it means to take a therapeutic yoga class.... ​full article

Soulful Yoga Therapy also offers
Counseling & Psychotherapy 
Counseling & Psychotherapy