Yoga Therapy for Yoga Teachers

Teach Yoga from a Therapeutic Lens

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Soulful Yoga Therapy educates Yoga Teachers on the intersection of mental health, neuroscience, somatics and wisdom tradition of yoga therapy for emotional health and healing. Soulful Yoga Therapy’s online and in-person training programs provide yoga teachers with the opportunity to deeply understand therapeutic power of yoga and apply this knowledge through their teachings to support their students in restoring or maintaining emotional well-being.

What we offer:

  • Professional training programs for yoga teachers on yoga for emotional health and healing
  • Individual or group mentorship and supervision for yoga teachers and yoga therapists available online and in-person.
  • Opportunities to connect and receive support from to a larger community of healers

Online Mini-Mentorship with Kate

designed specifically for Yoga Teachers interesting in teaching with a therapeutic lens.

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The power of community is incredibly important to me. As Yoga Teachers we are wholeheartedly committed to serving our of students which often requires dashing all over town between classes and privates leave little time for connection with our fellow teachers. The Facebook group is intended to create a online sanga for yoga teachers to share ideas, stay inspired, seek guidance, receive knowledge and support, refer, connect and relate. 


Articles on Therapeutic Yoga

Now more than ever before, it's time to help our students embrace the wisdom of the body on the mat and in our daily practices.  Learn more about therapeutic yoga practices and principles to powerfully shift your teaching.