The Present Moment May Heal You

The Practice of Attention

Often when I first meet with clients for Yoga Therapy often they expect to explore their flexibility, be challenged and perform various yoga postures. Sometimes this is true, however, they will likely be challenged and need to call on their flexibility in a much more subtle yet powerful way. The focus of my work is helping client to become fully present in moment when anxiety and stress pulls the mind into the future, depression drags the mind back into the past or trauma hijacks the present moment all together.

While the yoga on the mat may offer optimal conditions for us to practice connecting to the present moment. I am also really interested in exploring the present moment connection in daily life, the place where ourselves, our clients and students a most impacted. I want to offer my clients the opportunity to integrate therapeutic yoga practices into their daily lives.

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Practice Opportunity

It is so difficult to practice simply being and connecting to the present moment when we live in a society where success is measured by doing more, having more and being busy along with the constant distraction of technology. How you move through your day? Try setting an intention to be fully present with just one thing at a time. Each time you notice your attention diverging, without judgement, gently return your awareness back to your original task. Notice the challenges and benefits of this practice.

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