Yoga Therapy for Clinicians

Integrate Wisdom of Body into Your Practice

Soulful Yoga Therapy educates clinicians, mental health specialists and health care professionals on the intersection of neuroscience and wisdom tradition of yoga therapy for emotional health and healing. Soulful Yoga Therapy’s online and in-person training programs provide professionals with the opportunity to be at the leading edge of their field by elevating traditional approaches to healing and wellness with powerful embodied yoga therapy techniques and practices. 

What we offer:

  • Professional training programs for clinicians on yoga therapeutics for emotional health and healing
  • Individual or group mentorship and supervision for clinicians who are looking for guidance on integrating yoga therapy practices into their work 
  • Opportunities to connect and receive support from to a larger community of healers

Online Mini-Mentorship with Kate

designed specifically for Clinicians interested in integrating yoga therapy in their practice


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The power of community is an important and powerful resource. As professionals we are busy serving and supporting others. The Facebook group is intended to create a online community for clinicians, mental health specialists and health care professionals to share ideas, stay inspired, receive knowledge and support, refer, connect and relate. 

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    Chair Yoga for Emotional Health and Healing

    An online Course for Clinicans & Therapists

    Bring the power of yoga to your clinical practice

    Our bodies holds a physical memory of our experiences. This program is designed to help clinicians learn chair yoga techniques to assist clients in developing a greater awareness and understanding of their physical, energetic, emotional and mind body. Clinicians will develop and refine the skills necessary to use yoga therapy in a professional setting with individuals experiencing anxiety, depression and trauma. 

    Learning Objectives:

    • Understand how depression, anxiety and trauma influence the physical, energetic, mental and emotional body
    • Discover the relationship between the body, breath, mind and emotions to promote health and well-being
    • Learn the principals for yoga as therapy in a clinical setting- learn chair based yoga practice for anxiety, depression and trauma.

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    Articles on Therapeutic Yoga

    Now more than ever before, it's time to help our students embrace the wisdom of the body on the mat and in our daily practices.  Learn more about therapeutic yoga practices and principles to powerfully shift your teaching.