Yoga & Mindfulness Resources for Clinicians

A Therapeutic Approach to Yoga Designed Exclusively for Mental Health Professionals


Equip yourself & your clients with simple, accessible and profoundly effective yoga & mindfulness techniques for healthier, more integrated living


FREE Mini-Course for Clinicians: 
How to Integrate the Body into your Clinical Practice


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What you'll get!

This mini-course is designed to give clinicians a number of simple yet powerful ways to begin seamlessly integrating the body into their clinical practice. These practices and techniques are very accessible so your clients can benefit immediately.

How Your Private & Group Practice Will Benefit

  • Attract new clients! More and more clients recognize the importance of mindfulness and are seeking clinicians who offer embodied techniques within their practice. 

  • Expand your clinical toolbox and generate new opportunities for clients to heal and transform through exploring the mind-body connection. 

How Your Clients Will Benefit:

  • Clients can cultivate a more integrated mind and body relationship.

  • Embodied practices offer new opportunities and avenues for healing in therapy.

  • Clients can use these mindfulness tools and techniques between sessions as well to promote well-being. 


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